Pop-Up Myanmar

Pop-up with new collection of Jade together with Entrepreneur Designers in Yangon

Blue Design

Creating new jewellery with Recycling textiles from ‘True Blue Textiles”

Culture Centre – Guinee Bissau

At the “Centro Cultural Portuguese – Guinee Bissau” Mafi exposed her hand made silver with a delightful mixture of African, Brazilian and Portuguse beads, creating a harmonious mixture of colour and style.

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Art and Crafts Museum – Shanghai

The exhibition “World of Jewellery – Jewellery of the world” held at Shanghai Museum of Arts and Crafts, presents valuable masterpieces from 27 different countries. Mafi presented her hand made cufflinks reflecting the new and modern thereby complementing with the old traditional art of filigree.

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Gallery wood – Madeira

The artist exposes her ethnic jewellery from Africa. A display of 40 pieces were wonderfully exposed in white linen, bamboo and terracotta busts. She elaborated her pieces with basic tribal material such as, shells, bones, glass, wood, corals giving the design a truly esthetic harmony.

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