Academic Abilities

Post-graduation of Contemporary Art –“State University de Minas Gerais” Belo Horizonte –  Brasil – 2004-2005

Masters in Fine arts – University of Fine Arts –  “Universidade Classica de Lisboa” – Lisbon – 1997-2001

Bachelor of Arts – Vaal Triangle College – Graphic Design College -South Africa


2015 – Group exhibition –DDP Soeul Art Fair, South Korea

       – Showcase “Atelier Neerlandais” – Paris, France 

2013 – Group exhibition, Urban Planning Centre, Shanghai

      – Group Exhibition, Art and Craft Museum, Shanghai

      – Group Show, “The Loft-Jewellery and Fashion”,  Shanghai 

2012 – Group Exhibition “Women in China”, Noeli Gallery, Shanghai

      – Group Exhibition at Shanghai International Art Fair/

      – Group Exhibition at Asian International Exhibition Centre, Shanghai 

2008 – Solo Exhibition, Cultural Centre, Guinee Bissau

2006 – Design Exhibition, Atelier G & I,Funchal,Portugal

            – Group exhibition, Jewellery Designers “Galery Reverso, Lisbon,

2005 – Group Exbiibition, Museum of Mineralogy Prof: Djalma Guimarães Belo Horizonte, Brazil

      – Group Exhibition, Ponteio, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

      – Group Exhibition, Culture Center Yves Alves , Tiradentes – Brazil

      – Group exhibition, Art and Design Gallery, Belo  Horizonte, Brazil 

2004 – Group Exhibition, Forum of the Arts Cultural Heritage, Centre for Arts and conventions of UFOP – Peter Gold, Brazil

        – Group Exhibition, Gallery PIC City, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

      – Group Exhibition, The Art of Jewellery Design , House Raja, Brazil

      – Group Exhibition, House of Bras, Itabira, Brazil

      – Group Exhibition, Sabará – MG – Brazil

      – Solo Exhibition, African roots, Gallery PIC City, Belo Horizonte, Brazil/

      – Solo Exhibition, African Jewellery, University Gallery Wood, Funchal 

2003 – Solo Exhibition,African roots – Museum of Gems, Saint Joseph Foundation Liberto, Belem,  Brazil

      – Group Exhibition, Museu Chacara Dona Catarina, Cataguazes, Brazil
      – Group Exhibition, Gallery of Fort St. Francisco, Chaves, Portugal


2002 – Group exhibition, Liberty Palace, Belo Horizonte – Brazil /
      – Solo Exbibition, Photography and Installation, Gallery National du Senegal Dakar, Senegal

2001 – Group exhibition, Cultural Centre Vernise Verte, Dakar, Senegal,

      – Solo Exhibition, American Culture Club, Senegal.

Art Experience


  • CSS Shanghai, Shanghai – China
  • Cultural attaché and Arte Curator
  • Organising cultural events between east and West, Curating exhibitions and co-ordinating events.
  • Salvation Army – The Hague – Holand
  • Art Teacher
  • Incentivising art to a group of people with psychiatric and addiction problems 
  • Prison – Lisbon – Portugal
  • Art teacher
  • Introducing psychiatric prisoners to the art world, working on motivation and mind skills 
  • Radio Favela – Brazil
  • Art teacher/Jewellery Designer
  • Coordinating and implementing new ways of introduction art and culture to less fortunate children with very poor living conditions 
  • Free atelier – Senegal
  • Art co-ordenator
  • Coordinating and working with local children using recycled material to create jewellery and painting.

Graphic works

  • – Book cover “O Achamento de Portugal” – Brazilian poetic           Anthology
  • – Illustrations – Wilmar Silva “Poems”

Books published

  • Anuario de artes Plasticas (Edicao 2003) – Brazil

  • “children around the world” (Edition      2014)- China

Private collections

  • Senegal, Portugal, Holland, Brazil, France, England, China, Taiwan